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Turks and Caicos Snorkeling with Fifi Kunz, the Islands Most Experienced Tour Operator

Snorkeling Trips in Turks and Caicos Make the Best Memories!

Are you seeking to experience the best snorkeling in Turks and Caicos Islands? If so, we want you to experience our top notch snorkeling tours and excursions. IslandSnorkelingAdventures has been guiding and hosting Turks and Caicos snorkeling excursions since 1988! FiFi Kunz (owner) has been pioneering the reefs of Providenciales and Grace Bay for over two decades. Do a google search for his name "Fifi Kunz" or for our sister company "Caicos Adventures" and read hundreds (if not thousands) of internet reviews written over the last decade. Our reputation precedes us and we strive daily to accommodate guests and constantly improve our service and our operation. Here are a few reasons if you are considering snorkeling in Turks and Caicos that may influence your choice of snorkeling boats:

  1. Our snorkeling operators in Turks and Caicos pride themselves on choosing the most pristine reefs to take visitors to. Often, many run-of-the-mill snorkeling excursions will just run clients to "over commercialized" reefs in Grace Bay! It is the easiest and most accessible way for them [and also cheapest for boat gas costs, and labor time]. Our many varied snorkeling excursions, reefs that can be accessed right from Providenciales, are based on "what will bring our customers the most fulfillment, what will excite our friends the most!". When you come back onto the boat after snorkeling in Turks and Caicos, and are very excited about the marine life that you have seen, We are also excited! This is part of our reward too! It is not just about a pay-day. We enjoy our jobs, our occupation, and love sharing the experience of snorkeling in Providenciales with you. We usually choose snorkeling trips that are a 20 to 45 minute boat ride from shore or dock. Often, these excursions are on the South side of the island, or the South West side. Why? Because on the South side of Providenciales there is an expansive plateau bank; 15 feet deep for 20 miles. When this plateau bank hits the "open blue water", the sub-terrain drops off a cliff to 7000 feet. Now, this "wall" area at the edge of the plateau is where all the heated and warm waters from the 15’ deep bank wash out over the wall into the deeper waters. When all this warm water washes out (especially when the tide goes out), it brings with it many sediments and nutrients. As a result, a thermoform environment is created, whereby many corals and smaller micro-organisms grow and flourish. Where small micro-organisms grow and flourish, bigger tropical fish also gather. At these famous snorkeling sites, the walls of the South and Southwest reefs of Turks and Caicos and West Caicos are among the best snorkeling and scuba diving sites in the World! Throw in a nurse shark (don’t worry, they are very timid tamed bottom dwellers), sting rays, spotted eagle rays, turtles, lobsters, and many more indigenous fish often found when snorkeling in Turks and Caicos, and your day/excursion becomes majestic, an experience to remember forever.

  2. Our Boats…. IslandSnorkelingAdventures utilizes two primary boats called the Hercules and the Sea Breeze. The Hercules is 28 ft power catamaran, for smooth sailing in choppy waters, and fast service to the snorkeling sites. It holds up to 12 snorkelers. The Sea Breeze is our larger snorkeling boat; it holds up to 20+ people (as it is 45 feet long). It has a "head" or toilet on board, and two Fresh water Showers, especially convenient for our lady guests. Each of our snorkeling boats are fully compliant with our maritime & Coast Guard safety standards, providing life jackets and other flotation devices. After the snorkeling boats in Turks and Caicos arrive back at the dock, and the clients have left, the captain and crews work is only half over! Each night, over 1.5 hours are spent washing, cleaning, and prepping the boats for the next day. Fifi Kunz prides himself in maintaining impeccable boats. Have you ever been scuba diving or snorkeling in places, and frowned when the boat pulled up to pick you up? You see a messy, filthy boat, with scratches, dents and nicks all over? When the snorkeling boats are not maintained, you wonder about the quality and attitude of the employees, if the boat is maintained like this. Does not the quality of the boat and its maintenance reflect back on the quality and attitude of the snorkeling operator, its crew, its employees, and its owner? Even your mask, snorkel and fins are up-kept, rinsed, and modern. These are all the more reason to choose us when you want to experience snorkeling in Providenciales.

  3. We seek, hire, and demand qualified boat captains and dive-masters (snorkeling guides). All of our employees are geared up to cater to your needs. From the moment you step on the boat, they will be making sure you are comfortable, and have all the right-fitting equipment. They are friendly, especially acknowledging and joking with all in your party (kids, grand-parents, teen-agers… does not matter). The boat captain knows the best snorkeling Turks and Caicos sites, and how to access them without running the boat up on a reef. He or she will have hundreds of hours of experience and previous excursions under his/her belt. All captains have been personally trained by Fifi Kunz, over many months of supervision, before they are approved for independent excursions. Again, read hundreds of reviews by doing a google search or Trip Advisor search for "Caicos Adventures" (note: our captains and snorkel-masters flip-flop between the two business’, often a captain that is driving your snorkeling excursion, has taken scuba divers out on another excursion in the last 24 hours; and ditto for the dive/snorkel guides).
As you can see, there are many reasons why you should choose Island Snorkeling Adventures when you want to go snorkeling in Turks and Caicos Islands. However, the proof really is in experiencing the ocean and snorkeling in Grace Bay yourself. Schedule a visit today by using our online reservation form. We look forward to snorkeling Turks and Caicos with you!